Friday, April 20, 2012

Friesians & Haflingers at Equine Affaire 2012 Part 3

It was sooo much fun to see all the different types of breeds at the Equine Affaire. But of course, I had to check out the Friesians and the Haflingers! They had soooo many Friesians there and they all were sooo pretty in their own ways! I only saw the Haflingers in the warm arena, but I was impressed and loved that the Amish had put together their own Amish Haflinger drill team. Very cool to see indeed. In the Haflinger video you will notice a black and white Friesian going by. Absolutely stunning and he was a stallion. I had seem him at a demo earlier and this horse was so polite and friendly for being a stallion. Hope you enjoy the videos I took that day! What is your favorite breed?? Janine


  1. My favorite breed. . .Haflingers of course!
    Although the Fresians were so beautiful and I really enjoyed the other horses as well.
    Thanks for the video, I was not able to watch the Fresians breed demo!

  2. Loved it, I actually saw more Fresians than Haflingers as I went horse lookin on Sunday after the Amish had apparently left.

  3. How fun was that?! I adore both breeds, Haflingers and Friesians. We have a Haflinger at the barn and she is a character! I love both my horses, but the beauty of a Friesian takes my breath away.

  4. You know my favorite! Friesians!! That was a great video. You know as much as I love them for riding (especially in dressage) they sure do take my breath away in harness! I guess because they were originally bred for driving they just look so gorgeous pulling a carriage. I can't wait to have a purebred Friesian, but having Chrome sure makes the wait a lot easier. :D

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