Sunday, April 22, 2012

Double Dan Horsemanship Equine Affaire 2012 video, Part 4.

These guys also were from Australia and so much fun to watch!! They were the other half of the Australian team at Road to the Horse, which they won. It's soooo cool seeing people who really have great connections with their horses! One of these guys even rode his 2 horses bridelless, standing up on the back of his horses, and talking to the crowd like it was nothing at all, Really?? People amaze me. One of the horses in my video was named Amelia. She was sooo funny! Amelia at one point had her own plans, because Dan and Dan told her to lay down and please stay. But she didn't really want to stay. So later Dan and Dan went to get her back up and she just laid there and ignored them. These guys mentioned, how they love to leave the attitude and personality in the horse always! And let them be them, and you just have to work around what they offer you. I love it! That is what having a horse is about, enjoying them for who they are:) What do you love the most about your horse??? Janine


  1. oh just love it! imagine if everyone would think like that!!

  2. Mmmm hard to say what I love most about Camryn. Probably the fact that I'm a ten year old all over again with my very own pony this time round ;)
    I loved Double Dan as well.

  3. I loved them! I really liked Amelia, but when I saw them, Apollo was the one doing his own thing. Every he was asked to do something, he would roll first. And the Dans did not get upset or angry, they let him roll and kept going on.

    I would have to say that I do love Shy's attitude. She is quite sassy and funny.

  4. I loved it!! Apparently Amelia is a riot in a lot of them. I watched some of their other Youtube videos and she definitely likes to steal the show. :D I love their attitude toward training. So great!