Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parelli Circle Game no rope, I love this stuff!

Do I need to say more! I so love Parelli. I have only tried this a handful of times with Enzo. But only sometimes does Enzo give me nice circles. Sometimes Enzo wouldn't even play and just run around the arena and goof off. No big deal!! They say... taking off the rope, is the real TRUTH! So it didn't hurt my feeling at all. Yesterday(Saturday), I just wanted to tape some things just for fun. And just for fun, I asked for a Parelli Circle Game while Enzo was off of the 22 foot rope and long a be hold you will see the beauty!! I was sooo thrilled and still am. It couldn't have looked any better. I then went into Parelli Extreme Friendly Game. Plus, I had added a bunch more, but my video camera ran out of batteries and turned off! I was sooooo bummed. Enzo was doing so super that I couldn't even believe my eyes! Oh well, at least I got a tiny bit, LOL. I also added a few other fun videos from last weekend as well. Now that I had time to download them. I hope you guys has a super fun weekend as well!! Love us!! P.S. I still cannot figure out how to load multiple videos on the bog, aggg. I tried different ways and never got it yet???


  1. Ammmmmaaaazing Janine! You and Enzo are inspirational! I've only watched the circle one...I can't wait to watch the rest. Thanks for sharing.

    Enzo seems to enjoy what you guys are doing, huh?

  2. Thanks, Julie! Yes, we both have fun! I can only imagine once I get to see him daily in my own back yard! I only make it to the barn 3 to maybe 4 times a week. Since, my barn is 55 mins from me, not including traffic! Then, it can be 1.5 hrs, agghh.

  3. Watched all of them...wonderful!

    It said "Flipshare". Do you have a special video camera for that? Mine's kind of outdated.

    I envy you your inside arena. Nice place to work in!

    and I love your horses too.

  4. Hey Nancy, Sorry to get back on this late. Yes, my video camera is a flip share. But they stopping the production on them now. So I wouldn't bother to buy one. The program will only be supported till 2013, I think? I will use this one until I cannot anymore. Other than that, it's pocket size and soooo easy to use!! I am bummed they stopped them! Janine

  5. I don't know that I've ever tried to load multiple videos on Blogger. I'll try it sometime and if I figure out something that works I'll let you know. :)

    Enzo did so awesome with the circle game at liberty! So cool! What a cutie. :D

    WHOA! What kind of sprayer is that??? That's awesome. I always give them sponge baths and that sucks. You turned Enzo white with that thing. I need to get one. That's really awesome. Maybe I wouldn't be so lazy about bathing him in the summer if I had one lol.

    Aww they are so cute together. I'm so happy they get along. Kaspin looks fantastic. You have him at such a good weight. How tall is he? He looks the same height as Enzo if not taller (although he was closer to the camera so hard to tell). Great video. I love when Enzo jumped the barrel. So adorable!

    The last video was awesome too. I LOVE his neck! I'm so happy you finally got a purebred Friesian. He's so spectacular. I can't wait to see what he looks like at five years old, all filled out and muscled up. Even as a baby he's gorgeous. He's going to be amazing all grown up. :D

    Also in response to your comment on my last post, I hate when Blogger eats my comments lol. Thank you for taking the time to write it even though it got eaten hehe. I have a neighbor who said they would give me a horse as a loaner to ride while Chrome is growing, but I'm terrified of something happening to someone's horse on my property and I don't want to feed my hay to a horse that doesn't belong to me if that makes sense. Maybe I can find something that will work better. Or maybe I can borrow him for a while in the spring when the grass starts growing again. I also thought about Faran. He's eleven so he's plenty old enough to ride, he's just terrified. Maybe if I spend my time working to rehabilitate him and taming Zep I can hold off on riding Chrome longer. :D