Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ohhh, so pretty barefoot hooves & more pics!

Enzo's beautiful barefoot hooves. Ohhh, soo pretty! My boys were super this weekend and it must have been in the air! Because the weather was just as super! I rode Kaspin Saturday and Sunday in the indoor and then we rode outside for our first time ever. I rode down to the outdoor arena and played some more. I also asked kaspin for his first CANTER in the outdoor arena. Kaspin did great, it was sooo much fun!! After I was done, I took Kaspins bridle off and just let him graze in the outdoor arena and enjoy the sun. Enzo was in another grass pasture stuffing his gut already, while I was riding Kaspin. Afterwards on both days, I went and played with Enzo out in his grass pasture. We worked on sideways, sideways to me, circle game, yo yo game, and lots of fun Parelli stuff. Of course, Enzo was very exuberant as well. Since there was lots of nice grass around for an extra incentive. Then of course, I had to bring my camera again. Enzo is now pretty much the darkest he will be and I had to get some new coat color change pictures. Look how funny Enzo's nose/muzzle looks! It stayed light with this fall/winter coat change??? Horses coats do some funny different things every year. I also got some of Kaspin. His coat is so long and thick already, it's just nuts. You can see both boys were really enjoying their grass pastures. Since a lot of pictures are with head down, doing their favorite thing!!!

I could look at these feet pictures all day!!!

That muzzle looks sooo funny!
Whatcha doing mom???
Ohh, looking so handsome!
The sun came back out for a while!
Here I come again!
Enjoying the great green stuff!!
Also enjoying the great green stuff!
I never know how Kaspin can even see??? LOL
I love his look!!
Love us, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!


  1. Beautiful pics! I love Kaspin's mane, I am hoping my Haflinger's mane grows out as pretty!

  2. Ohh, thanks Allison! I am sure it will!!

  3. Wow. Love the Fall colors on your blog. Your two boys look so handsome. Enzo's feet look awesome! Great frogs and tight wall connection! What does Anna say about his bars? I see she keeps them's interesting to hear what some people say. Laz's bars grow long and quickly fold over so we've been playing with removing them and he loves it. HUGS

  4. Hey, thanks! Enzo's next trim is Nov 2nd, that's probably why they show more in this pic. She does take them back each time. They have never folded over, or gotten too long. Isn't this weather AWESOME!!!! Enjoy!!

  5. Janine...Was that your horses in the video that Parelli tube posted? Loved it! Brilliant idea, just letting them be horses together.
    Loved it when Enzo jumped over the barrels just because they were there. He is so light on his feet.
    You have two of the prettiest horses! Can't wait to see more videos.

  6. LOL!!! Yes, that was them! I taped it and got home and thought... what the heck I'll send it in! I didn't think they would use it! Since, I was not playing with them. But I did think how cool! You really can see how horses act with eachother and really see which horse was what horsenality! Yeah, Enzo is my little goofy, get into trouble, fast mover, silly boy! I actually was suprissed he jumped them so easily myself on his own. I have never seen him do that before, so pretty cool. Thanks Nancy!!!!

  7. Your new header picture is awesome. I love the picture of Enzo trotting. :)

    Congrats on the first outside canter!! That's great! :)

    That's really weird how Enzo's muzzle looks. Is the fur shorter? Is he getting his winter coat yet? He stills looks so soft, smooth and silky. Do you see similarities between Chrome and Enzo in the eyes? Enzo has such a gorgeous face.

    Picture seven is awesome! The one of him trotting. I LOVE it. He's so gorgeous. He's filling out so much already. He's looking so grown up and handsome.

    Kaspin's dark winter coat is so pretty. I love the contrast of the light mane against the dark palomino coat. Love Haflingers. I love his cute little pony face. It's so short compared to Enzo. Adorable.