Sunday, February 20, 2011

More fun with videos!

Enjoy! Create great moments, Janine~Enzo!
A fun video of Enzo playing with his halter this weekend. His mane and forelock are getting so long, fun!

Here I am playing with some cones. I LOVE all this video taping I have been doing lately. I can learn sooooo much from what I am doing good, or what I am doing bad. And even things I didn't actually see that day!!!

Here is some sideways to me. As you can see Enzo loves going to his left! Anything sideways to his right is very slow goings and difficult for him.


  1. So cool! Enzo is super smart and totally responding..I can see a HUGE change since the last time I saw him!

  2. Aww he's so smart! And he looks so good. :) Great videos.

  3. Thanks guys!!!! I think you two are the only people who keep up with my blog, LOL!!!