Saturday, February 26, 2011


I had soooo much fun with Enzo yesterday(Sat). Here we are working on our Extreme Friendly Game the Parelli way!! Before today, I would use 1 item at a time. Today, I finally decided to put it all together and Enzo made me soooo proud. We both had a super time playing! Enzo was not this quiet before, with anything. People always think only quiet horses can do Parelli. That is so wrong. Enzo was a Left Brain Extrovert, when I first got him. He used to run all the time and wouldn't stop. You can even look back in my blog and you will see how I am trying to figure do I stop Enzo from doing 360 turns and running off like a mad man! Enzo used to rear all the time as well. 2 times it was right on top of me(I was ok, but very frightened)! I am sure if an extreme spook happened out of no where today. Enzo's tendency would still be a 360 turn and Enzo will take off. I expect that to go away 100% as we keep deepening our relationship together! Enzo used to even run away in the arena when I played the circle game any time I played it, or if I did anything that was too much pressure for Enzo to handle at that given time. Enzo would just say to me.... I cannot handle that and take off!!!! Over time, Enzo has given me his respect and trust, and I have given Enzo my respect and trust. Enzo is learning everyday I wouldn't put him in harms way and I will love and take care of him and his needs. Enzo is now Left Brain Introvert with tendencies of going Right Brain Extrovert. Which I am thrilled with and expect Enzo to be 100% Left Brain Introvert over time. Since, my last horse is a LBI and I know how to play with that very well. But that is why Enzo is so quiet now. I hope you enjoy! Create great moments~Janine and Enzo!


  1. He is so cute! He's going to be such a great trail horse. It looks like nothing phases him. I need to work on more desensitzing with Chrome. I've neglected that a bit I think lol. It's just so fun to work on things where he's actually doing something, but he does need to learn that just standing there is a good thing too. :) I did work with the plastic bag and he was totally fine with that. I think he's going to be pretty laid back about everything. :) Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ohh, thanks so much for the nice compliments! You are doing just as great!!!!!