Friday, February 27, 2015

Aghhh Kaspin sick again!

All 4 legs swelled up again!! Called the vet and we are watching his Amyloid A test. Which is saying an infection somewhere. This test can only pick up infection but cannot tell us where. First was swelling in back legs only about a month ago. His Amyloid A test was 1250 beyond super high!! Vet never seen one so high! Swelling went away and we put him back to work. Then swelling showed up about a month later again in all 4 legs! Each time no other symptoms! This time Amyloid A was 365. Still high, normal is zero. Then we checked Amyloid A one week later after pasture rest only. It was at 45. So again we will check Amyloid A this coming Tuesday to see if it ever goes to zero? If it does go to zero? We will once again put him to work and see what happens?? If swelling comes back and or Amyloid A test goes higher again? Then I will be taking Kaspin to NC state for further testing to see if we can find out where this infection is? Or what kind is it? Bacterial, fungal, viral, autoimmune?? NC state already gave me a quote of 800 to 1000 just for testing. I pray if we have to find anything?? It is treatable and affordable? So I am not sure what will happen yet, ekkkk. I think we would both be happy being back on the trails. Kaspin is getting bored with his 2 weeks of pasture rest! Yes vet has checked high and low for other injestion problems, poison, suppleness, vasculitis, you name it! And yes all other blood work is normal too! Send healing thoughts for the boy. Taking Kaspin on a walk in pic. Love us! 


  1. It's so difficult when our fur friends are I'll. multiplied when you don't know what the problem is. Sending vibes your way.

  2. Awww, no. How terrible. Things like this aren't supposed to happen!
    I hope good things happen - now!!!

    1. Thanks sooo much! I just want him healthy again. :)