Friday, January 23, 2015

Sick again, sighhh

Kaspin has something wrong. I went out yesterday to check on him like always. Plus natural hoof trimmer was coming out also. Kaspin's back legs are super swollen!! I called the vet out immediately! Something is not right! She took blood and did a test right at the barn but silly me forgot the name of test!!! Anyway it came back super high!! She never seen a test so high. Her thoughts were it might be viral or bacterial??? We sent out a full blood panel but today(Friday) I still have no results! Not happy. In the meantime hand walks, standing wraps, and love. My vet had me put him in a stall so he could stay away from the other horses outside. In case he is contagious. I hope not and hope Kaspin can go back out soon!! Good thing Kaspin is great about stalls!! Love my boy and hope he gets better fast!!