Monday, July 14, 2014

Kaspin is slowly recovering

Kaspin is slowly recovering for his laminitis episode over a month ago. I was allowed to start hand walking him about 2 weeks ago for 20 mins a day. Just 2 days ago, we started him on another small pasture with a bit more grass. Where Kaspin wears his muzzle and goes out for 2 hours and day. Then he goes back to his dry lot for the rest of day. The goal eventually is so get him out with other horses again without a muzzle. In a field with very little grass. I hope it works out for Kaspin. Kaspin is doing well with his muzzle but I still hate seeing it on him. This past Saturday there was a schooling show at my boarding barn. I decided to at least take Kaspin in 1 halter class just for fun. I had no idea what I was doing at all. I even used an old leather halter from Enzo, LOL. I don't have one for Kaspin as of yet. Looks like Enzo's fits Kaspin. So maybe time to get new name plate. Anyway we got 6th out of 12 entrants! I was thrilled with that. The judge said, I didn't trot Kaspin big enough when I passed him. That was only reason for 6th. But I didn't know how to do halter and did this tiny slow jog, LOL!! Oh well, all just for something to do. Since, both of us are bored! I also was the ring steward for this show and the last show we had. Very interesting to do and again gives me something to do. While Kaspin is on the mend! I am looking forward to playing with Kaspin on the ground more and eventually to riding again in Aug!! Here are a few pics. Happy Summer! Kaspin and J9

Kaspin and his muzzle. 


  1. I'm glad he's doing well. Congrats on the show! Sounds like so much fun!!