Saturday, April 27, 2013

Parelli lesson pics, and video update:) HUGE updates:)

On 4/23/13 I had Steve Andrews Parelli Professional out to play with Kaspin for me for 1 hour:) I will be having Steve out once a week for the next 6 weeks, or more, for once a week. I am trying to keep Kaspin in shape and continue Kaspin's everyday Parelli learning play. Steve and Kaspin did great together! I wasn't sure what Kaspin would think of a different person playing with him, but Kaspin took it like a charm. I was very happy to see! Steve started Kaspin in the outdoor arena first and later Steve and Kaspin went out to the back 40 acres to play around out back. Kaspin had a great hour and I am thankful for Steve's help in my area:)  Here are a few pictures from that day.

 Kaspin giving Steve some love:)

 Out in the back 40 acres:)

 Steve putting Kaspin back into his pasture. 

 Kaspin enjoying a great roll after his play time with Steve.

 Ahhhhhhh, feels good.

My shoulder is doing well. My surgeon wasn't sure If I had torn cartilage, or a loose shoulder joint/slight dislocation. I ended up having the loose shoulder and they did a capsular tightening procedure on my shoulder. Unfortunately  that procedure has a longer recovery time of 5 to 6 months. Instead of the original 4 months back to 100% I was told. Nothing I can do now but take the time it takes to heal. Here I am hanging out with Kaspin 4 days after my surgery. My boyfriend was nice enough to drive me out and get Kaspin for me. 

These videos below are nine days after my surgery. My doctor gave me the OK to move my hand and elbow. The shoulder is allowed to slightly move, but I am not to supposed to move it on purpose, or lift my arm up, or outward. So of course, I had to take Kaspin out and see what I can do with him?? Yeah, I am sure my doctor would kill me. 
This is how I get Kaspin on my own. I have a horse collar that I can get onto Kaspin by myself with 1 arm. 
 Kaspin grazing with the collar on. 
You see in this video I at first pulled on Kaspin neck. Kaspin was pulling too hard on the rope. You see Kaspin was better after that. Then if I felt Kaspin was pulling a bit on collar. I would then yield Kaspins hind quarters to bring Kaspins front end to me and then I would basically send Kaspin forward again. It worked great! I also got 5 blows of relaxation from Kaspin! I know passing the rope over my head isn't the best, but I have no choice with 1 arm. I just make sure to not hold the rope tight and to let go if Kaspin takes off running in another direction. So I won't hurt my other arm. Also if you noticed I turned a lot with kaspin to watch his every move of his head and body. I only played with this for 5 mins. Since I was not sure how much my arm was going to hurt after doing nothing for 9 days. I figured I better quit! 

My sling update. 

Enjoy the warmer weather, 1 arm bandit J9, Healthy Kaspin, and the late and never forgotten Enzo! I miss you and love you Enzo! 


  1. I hope your shoulder heals quickly and completely!

  2. Yay for Kaspin! Looks like he is having a great time! Heal up quick!

  3. So happy you're doing so well. Awesome that you have someone like Steve in the area to keep Kaspins training going while you heal!

    1. Keep us posted on your possible new home!! I didn't leave a message since the security password is hard:(
      Yes, I am so thankful for Steve:)
      Thanks so much for the healing thoughts!!!

  4. hahahahaha you rock girl!! hardcore parelli as a nurse i´m not making any comment on you playing with the hi, i would probably be the same....
    speedy recovery and don´t overdo it!

    1. Yeah, I know. I made sure I just grazed Kaspin on Saturday and today it is all rainy. So I will stay home and heal more. My doctor would KILL me if I ruin this shoulder. So I do have to be careful!! Love ya!! xoxoxox

  5. What a great idea using a collar while you're one armed. :) Where did you get yours?

    I'm glad you have some mobility back. I hope your shoulder heals quickly so you can get back to riding Kaspin.

    He looks awesome by the way. I'm having serious mane envy lol.

    1. I used to use it for camping when I would put my horse on the picket line. I have had it for years. It's really nice and reflects in car lights if my horse ever wandered off in the dark. Lucky that never happened though.


      Thanks for the nice mane compliment :)