Monday, April 1, 2013

Parelli Easter Sunday Funday for Kaspin & I

Another 3 hours playing with Kaspin today!! My clean trailer after it was cleaned and put away last year. Worked on trailer loading for 1 hour with Kaspin. I took a video and will post some other time. I did get 4 hooves up, but basically hanging off the edge of the trailer! Cannot shut door like that, but we are working on things!!  

Me taking Easter pictures of us 2:)

Barn owners had 4 wheeler out and dirt bike out. Kaspin gets to see something new. 

Kaspin watching the dirt bike in the back 40 acres and Kaspin handled it all well. 

Kaspin nose in pic and them on back hill. 

Working on line canter 22ft line. Steve Andrews pointed out to me on the last lesson, that my belly button wasn't pointed with energy towards Kaspin. I was way ahead of Kaspin and my energy was pointing way ahead of him instead. Today I remember to point my belly button with my energy towards Kaspin and walla!!! I got canter every time! Kaspin cantered 4 laps to the right and I got 4 laps to the left!! I will have to try again when the 4 wheeler and dirt bike are not out. Just to make sure the extra effort from Kaspin really came from me, or the 4 wheeler/dirt bike excitement?

Notice the wrong lead, but that is ok for now:)

Can you tell I love purple? Purple coat, purple lead line.

Turned out to be a LOVELY day!! 57 degrees or more! This was sweat above Kaspin's eye.

Letting Kaspin chill and get some grass!!

More grass!

These next pictures are the back 40 acres. I went out first with Kaspin to play traveling circle on the 22 ft line. Which Kaspin did great and I got many more blows out of relaxation. 15 blows for the day and I got 17 blows out on Saturdays fun too! So I left Kaspin in the outdoor arena to chill. While I walked back to the back 40 and take some pictures to show you all the rolling beautiful horse paradise Kapsin and I get to play in. These are some woods I pass on the way out to the back.  

There is lots of rolling hills going on. It just seems to not show as well on camera, but soooo awesome for lots of 22 ft and 45 ft on line fun! And riding of course!

While I was taking these pictures I noticed Kaspin running around in the outdoor arena where i had left him. So much for chilling out! Someone in the area started shooting their hunting gun like crazy and a neighbor nearby Kaspin came out with their dogs. Between these 2 things, Kaspin got all crazy by himself. 

Pond to left. 

Pond with ice. 

Back woods with trials:)

My way back to Kaspin.

Kaspin chilling a bit again.

Kaspin at far end of outdoor.

I called him 

to me!!

Then Kaspin got a bit worried again. So I let him move a bit more on his own again, but I noticed he wouldn't stop and I was trying to get him to chill, not get all crazy. So I had to get my 22 ft line and hook Kaspin back up again and have him with me. The gun continued and the neighbor was still out, but with Kaspin feeling safe and secure hooked up to me again. kaspin was all fine and happy!! We walked around and I stayed with Kaspin to let him relax and eat some grass without worrying he was alone. 
This picture below was him moving around yet. 

Wow!!!! What did you do Kaspin while I was away taking pictures out back. I did not make you like this! That is even white foam. Silly boy Kaspin. 

Of course, after our fun day! Kaspin always rolls and blows out many more times back in his pasture.

Kaspin looking silly again while getting ready to get up. I love you Kaspin and thanks for giving me your heart all the time.

We both hope you all had a great Easter with or without your equine friends!! Janine, Kaspin, and never forgotten Enzo!


  1. I love Kaspin! He trusts you soooo much! Remember when you brought him home?? You've made so much progress with him. :D

    1. I agree! Kaspin has changed soooooooooooooooooooo much since I have gotten him:)