Sunday, September 9, 2012

Parelli Summit Day 3!! Sad to see it end:)

Wow, what another super day in Pagosa Springs, CO at the Parelli Summit!!! Here is my photo montage once again!! Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin! 

Hot air balloons we saw on the way to Parelli Land, LOL.
 Pat Parelli greeting fans!
 Parelli Fans!
 Kalley Krickeberg Flag Tribute.
 Ryan Rose Demo
 Kristi Smith Demo

 Linda Parelli riding Highland, Marion Oesch riding Allure.

 Marion Jumping Allure.

 Sheep used on the ranch!
 Me cuddling an Atwood yearling for sale.
Lillan Roquet and her white Arabian.
 Kalley Krickeberg riding Lauren.
 Caton Parelli cutting.
 Pat Parelli
 Linda Parelli and her parents.
 Linda Parelli and HAPPY me getting a photo in CO!
 Dancin Pete Rohda and me making funny faces!! 
 Lillan Roquet and me! 
 My signature pose in Pagosa!
 Hot springs in Pagosa, CO

 My savvy forum room mate who made it possible for me to afford this trip to the Parelli Summit by sharing a room and rental car! Thanks, Kathleen Ingerson!!!! 


  1. Very cool! The photos are amazing! Looks like a wonderful time

  2. Awesome, am truly loving all your photos! Am also truly envious!!! Glad to see you're having such a grand time.

  3. Looks like there was a variety of cool demos. I wish I could have seen the Kristi Smith one. What was she having the other horse do? Did you get a video of it?

    I love the photo of the two horses standing side by side and one of them is making a face at the other. Too cute. :D

    I'm glad you had so much fun!! Looks like it was an awesome trip!

    1. Kristi was standing up on her one horse and her other horse was circling them on the ground. Very cool! I have some video but I never had time to do anything with them. I'll try to post later:)

  4. So so so so so FUN! Lucky you and it looks like you had a blast!