Sunday, September 23, 2012

And I wonder why my boys get hurt, LOL.

This is the scene I pull into! I am glad my boys love each other, but must they play rough all the time! The literally do this all the time. They rear multiple times in these game! I just couldn't get a photo, because I had my cheap camera and the shutter was just too slow to capture the rearing pics. Some pics are really fuzzy, since I took these from so far away. As you see, they then saw me and stopped, LOL.

 What ya doing mom???
 Kaspin's latest lower eye injury. Bute for a week. I should just invest stock in this drug! With Enoz's and Kaspin's injuries I have spent 80 dollars this year in bute paste and powder. No, luckily it is not all used, but they are doing a good job on it!

 Noticed the swelling below the lower eye lid and how the eye lashes are pointing up? Otherwise of course Kaspin's eye doesn't look too bad unless you see a close up like this picture. 
Do your horses play this hard also? And get into trouble? Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!


  1. Camryn is an only child (other than her dog and two cats), so she doesn't get the opportunity. Love the pix though, reminded me of my boys when they were young. Like your two as soon as they saw Mom it was "oops gotta quit". Or "Mooooom, he hit me"! Poor Kaspin's eye, maybe if you kiss it it'll get all better ;)

  2. Ouch Kaspin!!!

    Yes Chrome and Zep play rough like that and scuff each other up a lot. They always have new cuts and marks on them lol. :) Glad I'm not worried about looking good for shows lol.