Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enzo nose pics June 11th 2012 update.

So this is what Enzo's nose looks like now. His injury happened Aril 30th, 2012. The cut on the nose is finally healed at least. The bump is smaller and over the next year or so?  I hope for the lump to get even smaller! I hope! AND Enzo please stay out of trouble!! Love your mom! 

Front view of course.

Side view of course, LOL.


  1. Ouch! What did the vet say it is? Scare tissue or bone or abscess? I hope it goes away sooner than you think lol. He's still handsome though!

    1. It's left over bone that built up after he got kicked. It might never go away? Well it might get smaller, but it will never be 100% gone. I just have to see over the next year or so? Oh well, stupid horses, LOL.