Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Last night was another lesson with Parelli Professional Meggie Andrews! She is leaving soon for the internship, so I am really glad we got to squeeze in one last lesson before she goes. I bet she will have a wonderful time, but my horses and I sure will miss her! I hope she keeps up on her blog . So I can follow her trip/externship in CO.

Anyway, I had this lesson with Kaspin. I wanted to work on his canter on the circle game. And I wanted to learn steady rein. And lastly I wanted to try Meggie's Parelli General Purpose Fluidity saddle.

Meggie gave me some super pointers for the canter. I am to work on my traveling circles. And in the circles work on a slow trot and a fast trot. Then when I get the fast trot correct and steady with Kaspin in a nice frame of mind. I can ask for a change of direction and get the canter going the opposite way. I got one really nice change with Meggie there last night and it felt really good to me. I am sure Kaspin thought the same thing! I will keep practicing!!!

Wow, I now love the steady rein!! Once I got more of the idea!! For a short explanation. It really is kind of like a half halt. It's just enough for the horse to listen back to the human and check in for a moment. Once you horse has the idea again. You let them go back on the track they were on. As soon as they wander from their track. You steady them and get them back on track. It's really cool I do have to say myself. The biggest thing to remember. Is to not use the reins to turn or steer, and after the horse is back and steady again. Let go of the reins and go back to neutral. Fun!

Then came the saddle. My very first impression was, I didn't like it. The seat was wider than I was used to and it felt hard! But I kept walking around in it. We made the stirrups my length for my leg and I walked around some more. I started to get used to it. And I didn't notice the wide, or hard seat anymore! It was already gone. I finally decided, I should at least trot in it while I had it. So I asked for a trot and I was in LOVE!!! This saddle is AWESOME!!! My body wasn't tipping forward, or back. It felt perfect center! My heals stayed down with NO problem at all!!! I found my balance point so easy! And I could still feel my horse and my horse could still feel me!! Even Meggie said, my seat looked sooooo much better and I looked so much more comfortable! Oh gosh, I think I will eventually invest in a new saddle. But I will have to find this saddle used! Brand new they are $4000.00 dollars. Used is about $2500.00. I want the Parelli dressage fluidity saddle. It has a little deeper seat and I have always used dressage and prefer them over General Purpose.

All in all, I had a super fun night. I sooo love Meggie! And Kaspin was the best horse ever as always!! I couldn't have asked for a better night!!! Thanks Meggie and Kaspin!!!

Keep it natural, Janine and Kaspin!!!


  1. Which do you like better... the general purpose fluidity or the dressage fluidity? I also sat in a County Seat Dressage with leg roll... and LOVED it. Both are quite pricey new. ;(

  2. I want the dressage fluidity. In any saddles I prefer the deeper seats in dressage saddles. Yes, it will be a while before I can ever afford one of these used:)

  3. Sounds like a great lesson. Sad that she's leaving, but happy that she gets to do an internship. :)

    I wish saddles weren't so expensive lol. I need one too.