Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fog isn't just for Halloween, LOL

I have so much fun with my equine kids. Now, I exposed them to a fog machine! Neither Enzo, or Kaspin have seen this before. Both were not thrilled, but both really didn't FREAK out. Just worried about it. So all in all, I thought they did great! It would be nice if I had a 2nd person with me to work the fog machine. While I could walk around with the boys. But for doing it myself, I think I exposed them as nice as I could, to leave them with confidence to do it again someday. What do you think of my fog machine day?



  1. What a good idea to expose them to this :) That machine DOES make some noise..I'm sure Laz would snort at it. I was filling up their water tank and the heater was hissing at the new water and smoking a bit and he snorted at it, lol! Kaspin's baby spooks (bending his knees) were so funny at the beginning :) This is all so great!

  2. I love it!! I think it is great that you have so much fun with your boys!

  3. What I liked best is that Kaspin looked like he was making his own fog! He was blowing 'smoke' out of his nostrils! Also, how cool that he came to you for support!

  4. Cool!! Where did you get a fog machine? That's awesome. :D They both did really well!