Friday, March 16, 2012

Boob award, and Kaspin was a good boy:)

Tuesday, I flew out to the barn after work!! Why?? Because, it was 70 some degrees and awesome in MI! I decided I would ride Kaspin in the outdoor arena, since the weather was so super. So I tacked Kaspin up and headed out. But I forgot my brain when I left the barn door. I was sooo excited and zellus to ride in the great weather. First we played on the ground on line. I made sure Kaspin was in a good frame of mind and seemed ok for the ride. Eventually, I got on Kaspin with my helmet on of course, thank god. Since I had decided, I would be super woman and just get to the very first canter of the day, after I just warmed up a bit with walk and trotting. Mind you, I am still teaching Kaspin to canter. He doesn't have a normal canter as of yet. He prefers to get into a gallop/run instead! Well here is where I win the boob award!!! Since it was so warm out, and Kaspin has 4 inch winter hair!!! And Kaspin had already worked a while. He got pretty sweaty! As I asked for the canter, kaspin picked it up at his crazy pace. But right after that, my saddle started to slide(I hadn't checked if I needed to tighten girth again)!!! I was trying to get a 1 rein emergency stop, but the saddle was sliding way too fast and I eventually fell off and ate the dirt, LOL!! Literally! Lesson learned...... on the first super warm day! Check your girth before you decide to try to be super woman on a horse, LOL!! And don't forget your brain at the barn door becasue it's so warm out, LOL! But I do have to say, the best part was!!!!! That immediately after I fell off. kaspin turned right around and came straight back to me! Now keep in mind, this is a 200 by 100 foot arena in MI, filled with new green grass!!! Also, at this point the saddle was under Kaspin's belly! So for 1. I was thrilled Kaspin never left me!!! What a super boy!!!! And Kaspin was at a run! And 2. that Kaspin didn't continue to run around the arena freaking out that the saddle was under his belly and get himself maybe really hurt. So good boy for both!! Either way, I turned out to be just fine. I have a few scrapes and of course Kaspin is just fine, LOL. But I now realized my girth could have gone tighter, LOL. I am also in the process of finally ordering a new girth! I have been using cheap girths, while I was waiting for Enzo to grow up. But after falling off(granted girth was too loose). But I decided I really do need a good girth again and I think the current size I am using will continue to work with Kaspin and Enzo as Enzo fills out more over time. And if it doesn't fit Enzo later?? I'll cross that bridge when I get there. This is the girth I ordered for my sensation treeless saddle now.  Yes, I realize it's super expensive! But good equipment for my horses and me are definitely worth the money. I had this girth before on my old horse with a treeless saddle and when the saddle is tightened correctly and used with this girth. The saddle will not slide. So very worth the money. What did you do with your equine partner on these warm days so far??? 

Boob Award Winner , Janine


  1. Glad you didn't get hurt - but yes, isn't it nice when they come right back to you like, "What are you doing on the ground? Didn't you want to go that fast?" I think that is the only good thing about falling off. lol! Just to see the look on their faces....

  2. LOL! Yeah, he really did have that look on his face:) Thanks!!

  3. Is this not the most beautiful winter weather? Aside from the tornados. . .

    Shy has perfected the art of blowing out and must be checked and rechecked about 3 times before the saddle is secure.

    Today, I rode on Shy outside for the first time! Amazing!

  4. Super Allison!! Thanks for the comments. Yes, the weather is super and lets hope the MI tornadoes are done for another 14 yrs, or more. They say the last MI tornado was in 1979 in MI.

  5. I'm glad you had the helmet on and he came back, Janine. You don't get the boob award though. I snagged that one back in January when I let myself get caught in a gate and broke my arm.
    PS> I'd love to be 41 again! It's all about perspective. Happy Birthday!

    1. Oh, and I wanted to say still... so sorry about your arm. XOXOO

  6. Thanks, Nancy! How come English riders get lots of flack if they don't have their riding helmets on? But with Western people it's ok with just a cowboy hat?? LOL.