Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EVIL word verification! How to remove it:)

How to Turn Off Word Verification on Blogger

Welcome to another happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk about something
plaguing the blogging society, and that is word verification. It's time consuming
and unnecessary! Blogger has an awesome spam folder that WILL catch
anything before it's published on your blog. I think I get 1 spam a year!
Blogger's new format doesn't allow you to turn it off, you need to go to the
old interface first. So in the interest of other bloggers ridding themselves
of word verification I thought I would give everyone a little how-to on
fixing the problem below.

Start on you blogger dashboard and click on the little cog -

This will give you a drop down menu. Select 'Old blogger interface'

You will return to your old dashboard. Find your blog and
 click on the 'Settings' button.

Once there, click on the comments sub-button.

Then scroll down until you see 'Show Word Verification
for Comments' and Check the 'no' box

You can go back to the top and change your settings
back to the new interface.

Everyone should check to see if they are using
word verification. It will never ask for verification from
the author of the blog so you might not know you have it.

Anyone else have blogger pet peeves? Janine


  1. Thank you! It is such a pain and so hard to read! If anyone is worried about spam, they always have the option to approve comments before they are posted.

    Btw. . .please let me know if I have it on my blog! I don't think I do. . .

    1. I am pretty sure you don't. I don't and I get spam once a year. No biggie at all:) Thanks!

  2. Thanx, I'm going to check to see if I need to do it. Wrote your instructions out just in case.

  3. Thank you...Thank you....Thank you.... oh so very much! I HATE word verification. I feel like a total idiot when I can't figure out what the letters are - that happens almost 50% of the time!
    I hope lots of people figure out how to take it off. I hadn't noticed that the interface had changed.

  4. Thanks for writing this!! I hope a lot of people read it lol. The word verification is soooo frustrating. I can't read them sometimes and it's so irritating to have to keep entering them. I took word verification off a long time ago because it's so annoying. :) I might even take of the comment approval too now that I have it emailing me the comments. I used to use comment approval to make sure I never missed a comment lol. Since it emails to me now I don't have to worry about that. Anyway I'm rambling, but thanks for sharing. :)