Monday, February 6, 2012

Emotional good weekend!! Many blows with pics!

SATURDAY FUN: I got super emotional with my boys Saturday. I Parelli played with Enzo for about 2 hours again. I wasn't working on getting Enzo to blow, just fun stuff, and kind of easy stuff. Since, Enzo's butt was a bit runny again yesterday and I didn't want to upset Enzo, or have him run around. By the way, the Equine Dentist is coming Friday at 4pm, double yeahhhh! Anyway, after I was done in the indoor arena and I was bringing Enzo back to his pasture. Enzo blew out 3 times. I was happy Enzo blew out!!! But again, bummed it happened after we were leaving the indoor arena. It just still shows me Enzo is not getting 100% relaxed in the indoor arena. Even though Enzo looks fine and calm. So I will keep working on this. Then we went and got Kaspin. I first worked on trailer loading with Kaspin. Kaspin is very claustrophobic and also does not like the Parelli squeeze games. After the trailer we went to the indoor arena. Last weekend, I worked a lots of Parelli confidence games with Kaspin. Since, Kaspin is such a chicken with everything, LOL. This weekend when I went and got Kaspin from the pasture, I noticed right of the bat, Kaspin was much more confident this weekend. But I didn't think it would last. I was wrong! I was in the indoor arena and we Parelli played, jumping barrels, sideways, circle game, and the pedestal again. This time Kaspin got on the pedestal all by himself for the first time, yeahhh. The whole time Kaspin stayed calm and kept licking, blinking, and chewing. This all tells me he still was ok. I finally got on Kaspin back and wanted to ride Kaspin. After I got on, I just walked around a bit talking to Chris, and all of a sudden Kaspin blew out 3 long times. Here is where the emotional part hit!! In all the time I have owned Kaspin he never has blown out ever. He has always been too scared!!! So this was the first weekend ever, that Kaspin was so confident and calm the whole time. After the 3 blows, I started cry a bit. It was a HAPPY cry!! I was just soooooooooooooooooooo happy that I must be treating Kaspin correct! It was such a great confirmation from Kaspin. I got off Kaspin right after, because I know he has had troubles with the past owners of riding him. So I got off Kaspin on a super great note. I went home feeling super!!! Warm weather, Chris (my boyfriend) came out for the day to watch, Enzo blew 3 times and Kaspin blew 3 times. Which I never even expected, or was trying!!! What a great day!!!   

SUNDAY FUN: Chris and I went back and Parelli played with both boys again! This time Enzo blew out 3 times in the indoor arena, no problem!!!!!!! Wooo hooo, I am really getting it now and getting great confirmation back from my horses. Feels so great!!! Then, I got Kaspin. I played Parelli games on line. Like Parelli circel game, jumping barrels, and driving game, etc. I then introduced Kaspin to my mattress for him to walk across on the ground! Kaspin was pretty curious about that one. But he eventually got all 4 feet across the mattress and for being an RBI horse Kaspin actually accomplished it pretty fast, yeah. After that, I decided to ride, but as I walked around I noticed Kaspin's face did not stay the same confident self this time. He did everything I asked. But I noticed Kaspin wasn't licking, chewing, or blinking as much. Showing me was worried of something? I walked around for a while to see if Kaspin could work things out. Kaspin maybe licked once, or twice. But Kaspin pretty much had a blank look to his face. That is why I was soooo surprised I got 3 blows on Saturday from Kaspin while I was riding. Since like I mentioned, Kaspin seems to have a block about riding. The breeder who sold me Kaspin gave me his background. They told me Kaspin bucked them off once. Especially Kaspin likes to buck at the canter. They had to ride Kaspin in a twisted wire, or a kimberwick to even get him to barely stop, etc.  And they rode Kaspin in tie downs and draw reins to make a fake frame! Poor Kaspin, I would be pissed also at people who wanted to ride me!!! It all just showed me a horse who didn't trust people, nor like them riding him. So I am basically re-starting Kaspin and building and friendly relationship with him first. I need Kaspin to understand I won't hurt him, or put him in harms way. Later we walked Kaspin back to his pasture and Kaspin blew out once really well. I was happy with that, as it ended another great weekend with my 2 boys!
Think natural, Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin:)
Chris with Kaspin.
Me walking Kaspin back to his pasture.
Kaspin and I .
Kaspin and I . Chris was nice to take a few shots!
Enzo all proud back in his pasture already.
Chris saying HI to Enzo after we fed them lunch hay!


  1. I can truly feel your happiness thru your post. Awesome!

  2. Reading about your horse Kaspin- he reminds me of my RBI mare so much from the way you describe them. It's truly wonderful to experience them making such dramatic changes right before your eyes! Way to go!

    1. This is my first RBI and it really amazes me how slow someone has to go. But it really is teaching me so much more about horses. Thanks!!!

  3. That is so totally fantastic!!! You are doing so awesome with Kaspin and I'm glad he's relaxing and learning to trust again. It's no wonder he has a hard time with being ridden since they did that to him. Yikes. Poor guy. I'm glad you found him because I know he'll be a happy, healthy horse for the rest of his life with you. :D

    The pictures are awesome by the way!

    1. I thought I might see this from Kaspin in a year or so? Not now. So yes, this was so thrilling to me this past weekend! Problem is, now I am going to expect more and I might not see it again for a long time????? Of course, I will keep you posted. Thanks for the nice comments!!!

  4. you are doing so awesome!!! and i love your pics!

  5. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Love the pictures!