Sunday, January 30, 2011

Enzo you always make me smile!

This picture is Enzo as a baby about 4 months old.
I had a another great weekend with Enzo! He really is growing up sooo fast that it amazes me every time! No matter how many young horses I have seen grow up! Enzo is now 15 hands at the withers and 15'1 at the butt. His knees look like that are too big and his neck and head look too small right now. It is sooo funny how they are always changing so much at this young age. I soooo cannot wait to see Enzo's spring coat this year, now that he is a bit older. His mane and tail are just getting so long for only being 18 months old. His hair is almost as long as my old horses was even as an 8 yr old. Enzo's ground work is going so well and I am sooo proud of my boy. Especially, since he used to rear everywhere, bite, and was extremely dominant. The only thing I have to watch is Enzo's dominant behavior here and there yet. Otherwise, Enzo is a good, good boy. Enzo and I have finally really figured out the circle game! I am so thrilled with that. Now that we both understand that game. It has made the other 6 Parelli games come together even better as well. Especially, my weaves and figure 8's around a cone! Enzo has mastered the pedestal now. He hoops right up. Enzo has even offered his back legs. BUT I cannot let him try that at all. My pedestal is not safe for that! But at least, I know when I get a safe pedestal it should be pretty easy for Enzo to get all 4 feet on it. One day I was cleaning up all my horse toys in the arena one night and I let Enzo free to walk around the arena if he pleased. Enzo walked over to the pedestal and climbed up and stood there with his front two feet on it sooo proud! As I kept putting my things away Enzo kept standing up there. Like, LOOK AT ME will you!!! It was so darn funny what he offers by himself sometimes. We both enjoyed the 30 degrees that we have had for the past few days and behold we even saw the sun today for over 6 hours straight!! We were both almost blinded!

Create great moments~Janine and Enzo!!!


  1. Awww sounds like he's just so much fun to work and play with. :) I'm jealous of the hair. Chrome's mane took more after his Arabian side and he keeps ripping it out so it's ugly. His tail is gorgeous though. I'm glad Enzo seems to have inherited the hair gene. :) Yay for the nice weather and being able to see the sun! I miss the sun in the winter. Keep up the great work with your cutie.

  2. So awesome. I wish I had a baby picture of Laz!!!
    Enzo is so gorgeous..I hope u are taking monthly body shots of him to see how much he's changed (changing still)!
    I love that he is playing with his toys and having fun with them. He loves his job! You reminded me that I need to work on weaving..oops! :)

  3. Regarding your question on my blog about the quail. Mostly you just breed them to sell to other breeders or for kids to take to shows. They are also just really fun birds to keep as pets. :)

  4. I Love looking at Sienna's baby pictures, its amazing the horse she has blossomed into now.

    Enzo was and is very handsome!