Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1 day of Kaspin play for March, LOL! And a visit to the Stallion Expo MI!

Well I got 1 play day this month so far with Kaspin! It was 50 degrees and beautiful Monday in MI. So I was able to cross the now softer ice and get to indoor arena. Today we are back to cold and lots of snow:( Anyway, I played with a lots of hing quarter disengagements on the ground and riding. To help Kaspin when he is scared, or unconfident. It's hard for the horse to be unconfident and disengage the hindquarters. It was amazing how well this helped the both of us. I also found out Kaspin is worse on his left side and much better on the right side when it comes to the disengage. How interesting! Cannot wait to make it to the indoor again:) A picture in the lovely sun and a treat to Kaspin picture.

This past Saturday I also made it to the Stallion Expo in Lasning MI and had great fun too! 

I met this baby Gypsie colt! He was 11 months old named TOO TALL because he was born all legs! I so wish I could have taken him home with me. I loved him!!

Baby sleeping:)

 I met Ryan Rose Parelli Professional! And got a picture of course!

Ryan giving away Parelli goodies below:)

Going to Ryan's clinic in Aug with Kaspin! I cannot wait!!

I lovely Belgian everyone loved! So HUGE!

  Shaylee Slater Parelli Professioanl and  Courtney Clarke Parelli Professional having fun in the Parelli booth!! 

And I got to meet up with Allison from Adventures with Shyloh!! Always great to see Allison!!! Go check out their cool blog!!!

Now go home old man winter and common spring!! Let the shedding fly!!! 


  1. I love that first picture! You are such a pro at taking pictures of yourself and your horse. I always chop something out of the picture or I'm making a weird face LOL!!!

    That Gypsy foal is so cute!

    1. Thanks, it's an Iphone and it does super with pictures. Kristen with Laz talked me into it. Since she has one and always gets great pics too. I LOVE the GYPSY! If I had my own property already. I would 100% be buying that baby!! But I just don't want 2 horses again with boarding. Just gets WAY too expensive. Have fun!!

    2. Yes boarding two is way too expensive!! I hope you can have your own horse property someday. It's so nice having them at home. :)

      I have a friend with an Iphone and I soooo want one, but I can't afford one right now. Oh well. Heck I'd even take one without a plan just so I can use the camera LOL!!

    3. I hope soon. I still might now move to NC where I already own 17 raw acres! I'll keep everyone posted. But of course by then that baby will be sold:(

      Yes, any phones can get expensive! I bought a used one from a friend at first. Then later I turned it in to verizon(it wasn't active either) and they upgraded me to a NEW Iphone s5!!!! So I got a great deal. Smiles!!

    4. Nice on the phone! That's awesome. :D

      I forgot about the land in NC. That would be cool if you could move there and build everything just the way you want it. I love having a house I helped build.

    5. Thanks and thanks! I'll keep you posted:)