Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video. Only took 2 years, LOL. And new sideways to me!

As I mentioned before in my blog, Kaspin always 99% cross canters going to his left. The right lead is usually always fine(RBI horse usually do better on their right side). I have had kaspin over 2 years now and I always tried to get the left lead correct with no luck what so ever!!! I tried every trick in the book!! Literally!  Even started to wonder if medically something was wrong too! But I had massage therapists out and a vet out to eyeball at Kaspin and he is fine. Then, while I was recovering from my shoulder surgery in April. I had Steve Andrews Parelli Professional out quit a bit to keep Kaspin going for me. One thing I told Steve was that I really wanted to try to play with Kaspin's left lead. RBI horses usually are very bracy, and tight. I have always heard if you don't have the mind you won't get the feet! Steve worked on getting Kaspin calm, but still responsive. Steve also got some help from the arena fence. Meaning, as Steve asked for the canter Steve would push Kaspin into the fence making Kaspin bend his ribs to the right better. Which in turn helping Kaspin pick up the correct lead. As soon as kaspin did pick up the correct lead. Even if it was only a stride, or 2. Steve would call Kaspin in and give him a reward with a break, and or grass. Finally my shoulder got stronger and I could play with kaspin myself. One thing Steve noticed that I was asking for a canter with the wrong leg of Kaspin's. I would ask when the inside leg closes to me was back. But I actually need to ask when the outside rear leg was back!! Ahh ha, I learned something new! I would also use the fence to help me, but a lot of times Kaspin still would cross canter on the left with me. I got frustrated and gave up with the fence idea. I felt I was just now teaching Kaspin how to pick up the wrong lead with the fence(not good)!!! Another day Steve worked on Kaspin getting the correct left lead in the middle of the arena with no fence. I watched, watched, and watched. I noticed Steve would say sometime just as Steve asked for a canter....ohhh this one will be wrong lead! I asked Steve how did he know?? Steve said, he saw Kaspin tighten up just before he went into a canter. Which meant more than 100% Kaspin would cross canter. Steve tried again and said, ok this one Kaspin will be correct! And long and behold Kaspin was correct on the left! I kept watching as Steve did this. I really saw that day that when Kaspin's brain was relaxed. Then Kaspin's brain could work with his feet correctly!! If Kaspin's brain was even a tiny disconnected by Kaspin being tight in his body, ribs, or legs. Than for sure Kaspin would pick up the wrong lead. So the main key was keeping Kaspin's brain quiet at all times when asking for the left lead!! That also meant that me being and LBE(Left brain extrovert!!) and having way too much energy. Does not help a shy, quiet, RBI horse. I noticed how quiet Steve would be and how calm he came across to Kaspin at all times. I know, I don't do this!! So later after my shoulder healed and I went back to my own fun with Kaspin. I tried all this myself at the barn with Kaspin. 3 months after Steve leaving I can now do this myself!! I finally after 2 years can get Kaspin to canter, and to canter on the correct left lead and to not cross canter!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!! I never really thought I could make it happen! In this video below you see I am still animated and really playing with Kaspin. The difference is that I am keeping my emotions out of it (I would normally get frustrated and upset inside my body)and making sure it really is all a game to Kaspin and to just have fun with it! I even think someday I can teach Kaspin to rear for fun, but I am still thinking about that one, LOL. You can also see how well Kaspin is now using his hind end more! This is also helped Kaspin be more collected with his canter and not do a racing run canter that was really flat. I also love seeing my litle RBI go a bit LBI and get out his sassy attitude! I hope to see more of this in the future as Kaspin gets more and more confident daily!! I do take advantage of the thick clovers in the outdoor arena too, when teaching Kaspin! Kaspin + good boy(left lead)=CLOVER! At the very end of this video I also show off Kaspin's NEW sideways to me! Kaspin just learned it last week and I couldn't be more proud of Kaspin's accomplishments!!! I soooooo love this little blonde hairy horse!!!! Sorry, the video is a bit grainy. I had to lighten it, due to the shadows of the trees and the background so bright. 

Keep it natural!! J9, left lead canter Kaspin, and the very missed Enzo!

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  1. Wow!! He did the sideways to you soooo well! What a smart boy. Also congrats on getting his left lead figured out! You're doing such great work with him. :D