Sunday, May 6, 2012

Looking better, I think?

These are new pictures from this past Friday night. The vet was out Thursday night and she still thinks this might have all been an abscess. We did not take x-rays since the vet felt really confident in her diagnosis and didn't want to wast my money. We can always do x-rays later if I still feel we need to? I am sure hoping it heals and if I am lucky there might not be a lump left behind??? Even with an abscess sometimes it can still leave a lump. Still seems like there was some sort of trauma to the nose? Tree branch, hoof, who knows? But there is a ton of inflammation and the bone can leave scar tissue. So time will tell and I will just have to see! I am also using my red light therapy and homeopathic meds on Enzo's nose. I figured it cannot hurt! Here are the pictures below.

 The cut left behind on Enzo's nose(left side of face)
 Right side of nose, you just see a lump.
 Full head shot with camera flash.
 Full head shot with no flash on camera.
 I have also been putting poultice on his nose every night to help with the swelling. Enzo looks like a lifeguard!!!
Enzo patiently starring for his cookie before he gets to go back outside! 

So do you think it looks any better? Janine and Enzo


  1. Yikes, looks like Enzo got hurt. I'm going to have to go back and catch up. I just wanted to respond to your comment about Chrome's baby pictures. I'm having such a hard time deciding which pictures to post because I have so many!! The ones I posted aren't even a fraction of what I have. In 2009 I took 710 pictures, in 2010 I took 4,009 and in 2011 I took 3533! I don't know how many I have in 2012 so far. And that's just Chrome!! That doesn't include the other animals or scenery pictures. In total on this computer I'm using over 50gigs of space in pictures. That doesn't include videos. Yeah I'm a big of a photography nut lol. I have so few pictures of my childhood or my childhood pets that I takes tons now. :D

    I'll be back to read your blog in a bit. Sorry I got so far behind!

  2. Yes, your right it is looking better. He even looks handsome with his lifeguard makeup :)

  3. Mmmmm, comment disappeard! He is looking better for sure. Love the lifeguard look :)

  4. He is so handsome!! Even with his lifeguard goop on his face lol. I think it looks much better. I bet it will heal up in no time. :D